Reduce Digital Eyestrain

SP3CTYR Gaming Optics are designed specifically to reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches as a result of spending and extended period of time in front of a digital screen. Our lenses have been designed to filter high-energy blue light to eliminate glare and reduce eyestrain and fatigue - without impacting color or clarity.

Improve Comfort and Focus

SP3CTYR Optics are crafted for for extended gaming sessions - and importantly - features a snug and sleek design so that they are compatible with a wide array of gaming headsets. Additionally, SP3CTYR lens technology significantly reduces eyestrain and improve your focus so you can keep on going.

Protect your Eyes

By completely filtering the invisible UV spectrum and reducing the amount of blue light that enters your retina, we are able to provide you with the protection you need while preserving your onscreen visuals and avoiding the ugly yellow tinted lenses that most competing brands offer.

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Your Vision


The majority of available commercial PC eyewear offers reasonable protection against UV and blue light. Unfortunately, these same glasses give you a dramatic and irritating yellow tint to your screen - limiting the enjoyability of the stunning visuals that todays modern graphics provide.



I work all day on a computer, then come home and game at night. These glasses really help reduce my eyestrain.

Kaleb H.

Not only do these glasses help me focus when gaming, but they look pretty dang good, too.

Cameron K.

I've had other pairs in the past but never enjoyed the yellow tint. My SP3CTYR Glasses seem to work just as well but without the ugly tint.

Karen Y.